Requirements: Mac OS X 10.5.x and above (including Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion)


Deleted File Recovery on Mac HDD

Mac is a computer operating system developed by Apple Inc. It is more popular due to its graphical user interface. This operating system is mainly designed considering the professional as well as personal use. You may face some situation where data or files are deleted from your Mac hard disk. There are some different reasons behind the deletion of your important files. It includes accidental deletion of files, catalog files deletion, formatting or accidental reformatting of the Mac volumes, Trash Bin bypass, file system corruption, hard disk crash, and improper shutdown etc. Though it is not easy to restore deleted files, you can revive deleted files from Mac HD with the help of file recovery software. Before going in details about the file recovery process from HD let’s have a closer look at some common folder deletion scenarios on Mac.

The most common reason of file deletion is lack of concentration i.e. done by human accidentally. Folders on the Mac OS are get deleted due to common human mistakes like erasing some folders by mistake instead of any other data using ‘Shift + Delete’ key combination. Deleting folders from Trash Bin while trying to free some disk space also gives rise to folder deletion on Mac. In such cases we think that data are permanently deleted from the system but actually not. Only the pointer to that folder is deleted, that’s why we can’t view the file but data exists on that location. You can revive deleted files from Mac HD by Mac File Recovery tool easily.

Catalog files are mainly used to store the details about the folders in the file system on Mac. Catalog file nodes maintain folders in a specific order and they are used to access a particular folder or file. If the catalog file of a particular folder gets deleted the folder becomes inaccessible i.e. can’t be accessed anymore by the user. One more way to remove a file is use of Disk Utility to erase drive. Disk Utility application performs a quick erase operation, which deletes the disk directory and assigns an empty flag to this location. Data remains there until the location is overwritten by some other information. In both of the cases the utility works efficiently and achieve this recovery carefully.

There are some other deletion scenarios where this application is much suitable to revive deleted files from Mac HD. Folders on Mac operating system may also get deleted because of Trash Bin bypass. If the size of deleted folder is larger than the available free space in the Trash Bin, then the deleted folder may not be stored in Trash Bin anymore after its deletion. With all the previously mentioned reasons there are some other reasons like improper system shut down, power surge, improper usage of third party utility etc. are also the reason for folder deletion in Mac OS. This tool is well-organized to cover all of these deletion scenarios and helps users to revive their information from Mac HD. With all these, it can comfortably rescues deleted photo, music, videos, documents from memory card or any other external drive also. If you want to recover files from Iomega hard drive use the link:

Follow the simple steps to revive deleted files from Mac HD:

Step 1 : Choose "Recover Files" on the main window, as illustrated in Fig 1. Then, select "Recover Deleted Files" options provided on the next screen in order to proceed further.

Revive Deleted Files from Mac HD - Main Windows

Figure 1 : Main Window

Step 2 : Then you can see the list of logical drives connected to the system, choose the drive and click "Next", as illustrated in Fig 2. Then it starts searching of your deleted files or folders in the drive.

Deleted Mac File Recovery - Choose Drive

Figure 2 : Choose Drive

Step 3 : After completion of searching, a list of recovered files gets displayed as illustrated in Fig 3. "Save Recovery Session" in order to load it after purchasing the full version of this software for saving the recovered data.

Restore Deleted Data On Mac - Recovered Files

Figure 3 : Recovered Files


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For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks & Yosemite(10.10) Users